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Abdominal Organ Disorders

Prince5.jpgBlood Test Screening

Dear Alex, thank you. I just received your vaccination reminder letters for my two Westies. Much appreciate the reminder as I’m always forgetting when they are due again each year. You mentioned about your clinic offering a package where you also blood screen them both to check out their internal health. It sounds like it might be a good plan as they are getting on for ten years now. Can you please explain what benefits it holds for my boys, then I’ll make up my mind and bring them down the road to you next week. Regards, Trish.


Hi Doc. I’ve got an old girl Jemma, who is struggling a bit these days and I’d like to know if you can help me. She has just turned ten years old and is a super little Jack Russell. The last few weeks she has been drinking tons of water, eating as much as ever but getting more and more skinny. I’ve been told it’s probably diabetes and I’m too worried to bring her in incase you tell me that nothing can be done. Simon. Sandringham.

Kitten Litter Tray

Hi Alex, I have adopted that wee kitten that I found abandoned in a dumpster, and thanks for lending us the cage to transport her in, you’ll be pleased to know she is doing pretty well. But I am the one that’s in big trouble!

Urinary incontinence – pee’d off!

To continue our feature on senior pets here is another problem some of our treasured old dogs face and often people don’t realise how easy it is to treat. If you have noticed wet patches where your dog sits or sleeps at night read on!

urine_incont.bmpOne of the underlying reasons dogs and cats are such successful pets is that they are readily toilet trained so that they don’t pee and poo inside our homes. When that toilet training starts to fail consistently, real pressure comes on the relationship and euthanasia is often the ultimate end-point.

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