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What Does Your New Kitten Need

If you have recently adopted a kitten, here is a checklist of everything your kitten may need over the next few months.


High quality kitten food such as Royal Canin – kittens have twice the nutritional needs of an adult of the same size. Their body is developing at a rapid rate and using a high quality kitten food can optimize their growth and development. These diets contain DHA for brain development so that they can learn and adapt faster, antioxidants to stimulate the immune system and improve their response to vaccines, high quality proteins for strong, lean muscles and high quality omega oils for skin and coat development.

     Vaccinations – kittens should have at least 3 vaccinations starting from 6 weeks and completed by 14-16 weeks. This protects them against serious and potentially life threatening diseases. The vaccination consultation includes a veterinary exam, weight check, vaccination, a kitten pack and advice on your new arrival. Vaccinations are then performed once a year at their annual health check.

     Microchip – can be done at the time of vaccination. As cats often lose their collars, microchips are safer and more permanent identification if they get lost and end up at a SPCA or vet clinic. The chip is linked to your details so that you can be contacted  if your cat is found. There are also microchip-activated cat flaps which only let your cat(s) in and out of your house, meaning no neighbourhood cats coming in to spray or eat your cat’s food.

     Desexing – both males and females reach puberty around 6 months of age and it is best to get them desexed before then. Desexing prevents unwanted pregnancies and litters, and reduces roaming and fighting in male cats. We recommend desexing around 5-6 months of age.

     Pet insurance – most insurance companies offer a free period of pet insurance for kittens which allows you to get a more permanent one set up. We recommend pet insurance in every pet as you never know when an injury/ illness might occur and offers peace of mind that you can get the best treatment done without the concern of how you’re going to pay it off. Pet insurance ranges in cost depending on the plan so it best to choose a policy that suits you. We offer a 4 week trial for all kittens.

     Flea and worm treatment – flea and worm treatment is important in kittens to prevent unwanted parasites. Worming starts from 2 weeks of age and should be given every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age, every 4 weeks until 6 months of age and then every 3-4 months thereafter.

     Toys – kittens LOVE to play, but toys and play should be encouraged in all ages. Feather wands are great as they get them moving fast and create a lot of excitement. Use fast play for short periods throughout the day as cat’s are sprinters and will thrive on this routine. Hanging toys can be a great distraction while you are out of the house for the day.

     Litter trays – before your kitten is old enough to roam (usually around 6 months of age), offer them at least one litter tray inside. If you have more than one cat, offer a litter tray per cat and make sure that they are in a quiet (not next to the washing machine). Use a clay/ paper substrate initially with kittens and then once they are 6 months old, the Angel crystal litter can be used. This litter is clumping, has very good odour control and has very little tracking onto the floor or carpet.


For any more advice, call us on 09 845 4100, email or visit us at Building 46, Gate 3 Carrington Road, Mt Albert.

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